Southpaw Beadworks


  • Navajo Design Cuff Bracelet Silver Studs, Whiskey Kangaroo Hand Laced Edges Red, Pumpkin, Pony Trader Blue, Buckskin and Black Glass Beads Black Leather outside Garnet Goat Leather inside  
  • Glass Pony Bead Cuff Bracelet Buffalo on the Prairie Calfskin Leather, Pigskin Lined Black Kangaroo Laced Magnetic Closure
  • Lazy Stitch Cuff Bracelet with Arrows Design Crow Pale Blue, Chocolate, White Center Yellow, Pumpkin and Red Antique Glass Beads, Brain Tanned Leather Whiskey Kangaroo Hand laced Edges
  • Lazy Stitch Blackfeet Design Cuff Bracelet Red, White Center Yellow, Crow Pale Blue, Cobalt and White Braintanned Leather
  • Lazy stitch cuff bracelet Antique Venetian ‘White Heart’ glass seed beads on Brain Tan Leather Deerskin lining, ‘White Heart’ Pony Bead Trim.

  • Lazy Stitch Hand Beaded Bracelet Brain Tanned Leather Glass Seed Beads Turquoise Trim Beads
  • Lazy Stitch Cuff Bracelet White, Sioux Blood Red, Bodmer Blue and Sioux green Red Bamboo Coral Bead Trim
  • Glass Pony Bead Cuff Bracelet Navajo Design Calfskin Leather, Pigskin Lined Bone Deerskin Laced Magnetic Closure
  • Navajo Design Cuff Bracelet Antique White, Bodmer Blue, Pumpkin, Sioux Green Sioux Blood Red Braintanned Leather
  • Running Horse Lazy Stitch Cuff Bracelet Antique Venetian seed beads on Brain Tanned Leather Black Buffalo Leather lining Hand laced Black Kangaroo Trim
  • Very Unusual Snake Vertebrae Bracelet Snake Vertebrae Beads, Turquoise and Cobalt White Hearts Buffalo Bone and Sterling Silver Beads on Italian Leather Thong Antler Button Closure
  • Glass Pony Bead Cuff Bracelet Thunderbird Calfskin Leather, Pigskin Lined Blue Kangaroo Laced Magnetic Closure
  • Loomed Zig Zag Design Soft Bracelet Deerskin Backing, Antler Button Closure Tile Bead Trim


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