Southpaw Beadworks BBB Business Review

Welcome to Southpaw Beadworks – a pride for tradition.
If you are looking for Native American handcrafted beadwork, you have come to the right place.
Southpaw Beadworks is proud to share with you a collection of traditional Native American style beadwork that is rich in cultural heritage.
A tradition that is preserved and passed on from one generation to another, Native American jewelry continues to thrive in the hearts of people.
This is what drives us to bring the tradition to elevated heights.
Honoring the cultural significance of beadwork, Southpaw Beadworks emphasizes on the genuine passion of creating handmade art of the finest quality.
Our collection is a gallery of treasured pieces from boot bracelets, custom belts, chokers, necklaces, beaded belt buckles, guitar straps, and Genuine Native American Jewelry.
Made from 100% work of hands and creative minds, we offer you beautiful pieces that are carefully crafted from elements
that are distinctive of a cultural heritage we are most proud of.
Southpaw Beadworks takes pride in our traditional artistry that brings life to a tribal identity, culture, and history.
Discover a myriad of unique and exquisite creations that are empowered with vibrant colors.
Combining artistry with workmanship, we showcase a large selection of high-end handcrafted custom creations that will surely impress your meticulous standard.
We are committed to creating a one-of-a-kind collection of indigenous jewelry and handcrafted accessories you will find nowhere else.
Our boot bracelets are unique to our collection; our own design these past thirty years and has since established our distinction in the market.
Go back to the basics where the elements of nature enrich a culture with indigenous roots.
Discover our collection of finest traditional beadwork and bring home beautifully crafted pieces that are yours to keep and for generations to appreciate and preserve.
So for all your Native American style beadwork, there is only one name that stands out – Southpaw Beadworks!