Southpaw Beadworks is the trusted source of impeccable workmanship of handcrafted custom beadwork.
Considered as guardians of Native American tradition, we craft intricately designed jewelry and accessories that honor a rich culture embedded in indigenous roots.
Immersed in the rich culture of beadwork, Barbara Gabriel founded Southpaw Beadworks in 1987. Barbara is an Award Winning Designer whose passion for the craft is second to none.
She has devoted her time to create by hand amazingly stunning pieces. Her work flows naturally with her heartbeat.
Every piece is a product of passion, hard work, and love for what she does best.
Southpaw Beadworks takes pride in every artistic piece that is showcased in our gallery. Each piece comes from the finest artistry and workmanship
of a dedicated artist and designer. Considered to be the finest in the market, our products are heirloom quality that you can be proud of for generations to come.
Adorned with elaborate beadwork, our collection of boot bracelets, custom belts, necklaces, chokers, belt buckles, and guitar straps are definitely a feast for your eyes.
With traditional colors of antique reds, yellows, pale blues and many others that are intertwined, every piece is bursting with vibrant life.
Here at Southpaw Beadworks, we keep the flame of our rich culture burning for many generations to come.
We strive to preserve a beloved tradition that has molded our identity for centuries.
Our collection is our pride as we honor the importance of our indigenous roots and the culture that has been passed on from one generation to another.
Southpaw Beadworks opens an old tradition that empowers every generation to connect with the earth and with the very culture they are born with.
Come and discover traditional Native American style here at Southpaw Beadworks!
Purchase your items today. For more information, call us at 203-268-8977 or email us at
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